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Our latest game from Tantanmen Games & Aeonsparx Interactive. 

Competitive PVP Real-time Strategy Mobile game for IOS & Android (Phone & Tablets).

After the Allied Forces claimed victory of World War II in 1945, the United Democratic Government was created to govern the world, with representatives from every country holding a seat in this new government.

Now in the year 2020, tensions have risen between countries desiring to separate themselves from the UDG and from those that wish to remain, leading to the advent of World War III and splitting the world into 4 distinct factions.

Inspired by the likes of classic strategy games, Hexlords is a competitive online PvP strategy game for iOS and Android devices that includes elements of base management and tower defense gameplay, Build the ultimate army and dominate other players by using characters from these four factions.

Combines hex grid resources management to build the army for tower defence and online multiplayer battle arena. Hexlords combines the likes of collectible battle units and heroes sets in an dystopian futuristic realm.

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Who's side will you take? Do you believe in absolute independence like the Zealots? Do you trust in the powers of a United Government? Or do you believe there is a middle ground like the Modernists and Guards?

The choice is Yours.

Amass resources to grow your territory and gain access to advanced weaponry.

Every Heroes can equip different chips to improve the efficacy on battles. You may obtain new heroes in shop.

Select your units and build you deck according to your own battle style.

Enter skirmishes with other players in real time and defeat them with your own personalised army.


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