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Zombie Soup is a fast-paced top down shooter that follows the adventures of Ricky, a young college freshman on a backpack trip seeking to explore the world during the summer break. He inadvertently finds himself in a small town that is celebrating an annual festivity after waking up from a long train journey, and soon discovers that the most of the townspeople have been turned into zombies and monsters!

Unfold the mysteries of mutated zombies, finds out the culprit behind the outbreak of zombie soup

Relive the best time of pop culture

Smooth and fast control putting your skills to the test

Challenging bosses with epic skills awaits

Unlock and upgrades wild and imaginative selections of weapons with unimaginable power of destruction


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ZombieSoup_v0.1.6.4_Build_1_Demo_Shipping_MacOS.zip 540 MB
ZombieSoup_v0.1.6.4_Build_1_Demo_Shipping_Windows.zip 430 MB
ZombieSoup_v0.1.6.4_Build_1_Demo_Shipping_Linux.zip 547 MB

Install instructions

Minimum requirements :

OS : Windows 7 / OSX 10.11 / Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit above

Processor : Intel Core i5 1.4Ghz

Memory : 1024 MB RAM

GPU : Intel HD 4000

Download and just unzip the game. Run the ZombieSoup.exe (Windows) or ZombieSoup.app (OSX) to run the game.

For OSX version, if you see the popup message of gatekeeper. Just go to Settings > Security & Privacy > General and click open anyway for running the game.

For Linux, navigate into extracted folder 'ZombieSoup' In Terminal . Then type and run `chmod +x ZombieSoup.sh`. Next type and run `./ZombieSoup.sh`.

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Hi Everyone, our game is releasing as early access in Steam on 7th June 2023. That's tomorrow!

is this game still coming?

Yes mate.

Please follow our Steam page for update.


It won't take look to our final release within this year.

There's a lot to love about this game. There's guns a jokey attitude towards a seeming apocalypse, lotsa zombies and a system that lets you level up your shooting abilities!

So. Much. To. Love.

I have a few minor whines though, like some of the grammar being a bit off, which makes it hard to interpret some of the dialogue (and I know that's something that's easily remedied). I'm a bit perturbed by the zombies in the next room being able to pretty much jump you as you're getting ready to go to their domain too, but I also appreciate that that adds to the aesthetic!

On the whole this was a joyous experience that I can't wait to play more of, and I think you should all give it a whirl too! As for the devs, I urge you to keep plugging away at this hunka zombie fun! =)


Thank you for giving us a feedback. I enjoyed watching your play through. Seems like you are playing our slightly older build in the play through. 

Just a minor tips. Try to use more dodge and bombs during boss fights. Notice that you have not figured out the keys yet. This also inspired me to add some tips before entered the boss room. We'll work on that ASAP.


I probably was playing an older build since I record vids way in advance (about a week or so), and I can see that there was an updated version released a couple days back! Good to know there's still lots of progress being made though =)

I definitely used more dodging techniques when I fought the second boss, once I figured out how useful rolling was haha! I did get to the end of the current demo, but I'll be checking back in for more updates in the future!

Great to hear that.

We are adding some additional tutorials to educate users on how to use roll and bombs earlier on. Team was too busy working on the actual build and didn't expects that most users can't be able to remembers all buttons from the first scene.

If you need to access the button layouts, you can see that from the "PAUSE" menu. There's actually a switch weapon button as well since you've mentioned about that in  your video.

More content will come soon. 

Had the chance to cover your game for my website. Thought the game was great, but the controls for gameplay were a bit buggy at times. Overall, I am looking forward to see what the full release has to bring.

Thank you trying out our demo. May I know which controller you are using? We have developed the demo with Xbox One Wireless Controller. But we also found out that Xbox 360 wired Controller are currently experiencing some sluggish control issue. We are trying to solve the issue as soon as possible.

That would explain it as a I used a wired controller. Hope the issues get worked out because other than that the game is awesome.

Thanks for your kind review. We'll announce the wired controller fix as soon as we can.

Fun gameplay, looking forward to the release. And to find more people and build an army to defeat ALL the zombies! :)


Thanks for play testing our game! We'll spend some time to watch your play through. Hope you enjoyed it.

I had a good time. :) Keep up the sweet work!

Such a dope game!!!

Thank you. I enjoyed watching your play through. Notice that you've been playing with Controller. Hope you do notice that the Control mapping guide is in the pause menu.

Thank you so much for your time in watching my gameplay and developing the game. That info is gonna come in handy for my part 2 lol. Is there more to the demo or am I close to finishing it? If i may know.

You are very close to the end of the demo. Apart from your occasional grind, I don’t think you are missing much. The first time when you picked up a Special Gun (limited bullets), you have immediately pressed the switch weapon button by mistake. That’s why you thought you have lost the gun for no reason. 

Also you have missed out on upgrading the perks and picking other guns in equip menu. It’s almost like a skill tree. I suggest you to try that out. You will get to experiment with variety of weapons (guns, melee, bombs). 

Thank you so much for the intel. Truly appreciate your time.

Appreciate for your time too. Your play through has inspires us to improve the UI/UX actually. Please join our Discord if you have any more suggestions.


it's a really cool top down game! love the style and easy to play. 

Thank you for your play through. We have learned a lot from your feedbacks. There are a few things that we will fix immediately. 

- The missing Mr. Skull's portrait (sorry for confusion)

- Typo issues

- Game balancing

Btw, our game is also in game jolt if you would like to share your youtube video to more platforms. We have shared your video in our facebook page and twitter.

Thank you again for making the video. Cheers.

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Good play through. Notice that you are experiencing some performance issue. Perhaps you can try to set the game to lower quality settings. Thanks for play testing our demo.

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the fun game. if you arrive full game you can send me key here this special site for gamer and stream https://www.keymailer.co/g

Cool. Noted with thanks.

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no problem.. i am pro test gamer :D work with lobby videogame ..and you welcome